What exactly is an “Intuitive Coach?”  Are you a psychic? 

An Intuitive Coach or consultant is someone who uses his or her intuition to bring awareness to aspects of a person’s self that have prevented happiness, satisfaction and growth.  With recognition and acceptance of these aspects, the coach works with the client to catalyze personal growth and gain self-acceptance.  I don’t call myself a psychic, but I do have psychic abilities (as we ALL do!) I cannot tell you about your future but I can give you a snapshot of where you are energetically and what can help you along your path.


How do sessions work?

Sessions are done over the phone, or in person if you are located close to Jersey City @ Salvation Wellness (as of 11/1/2019.) Once you have booked your session online, I will contact you using your preferred method (audio-only) at our scheduled time. I recommend finding a private, quiet space where you can relax and be comfortable.  I’ll be guiding you through simple meditations as we assess limiting core beliefs, and shift your energy and perspective to align more closely with your chosen path.

During our session, information or symbols may come through that may not resonate with you in the moment, but will be meaningful at a later time. I recommend recording our session, or taking notes so that you may refer back to the information at a later date.


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